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Dick MacPherson's Grandson Is Playing Football For Georgetown? /Faints

Stay away from him, The III. Stay away!
Stay away from him, The III. Stay away!

You know Dick MacPherson. He's the legendary Syracuse football coach that brought the program back to prominence in the 1980s and gave us the magical 1987 season that could have been even more magical if Pat Dye wasn't such a p***y.

You know Macky MacPherson. He's the starting center for the Syracuse Orange football team. Groomed from an early age to play football in a Syracuse uniform, he's fulfilling his destiny and trying to give Ryan Nassib enough time to fulfill his.

You don't know Cameron MacPherson. He's Macky's brother. He followed in his brother's footsteps at CBA, where he quarterbacked the team to consecutive league championships and was named 2011 Sectional Championship Game MVP.

And he's matriculating at Georgetown University this year to play football for the Hoyas.


I'm not entirely sure who dropped the ball here and who exactly is to blame except ANYONE AND EVERYONE.

Clearly Syracuse saw Cam but I guess they just felt like we had already reached our MacPherson quota. As for the QB himself, he clearly has mixed emotions about the whole thing:

"Obviously I've got ties to Syracuse," says MacPherson, "it'll be tough to cheer for anybody but them, especially going to Georgetown, a heated rival, but maybe with the conference change it won't as difficult to choose."

You keep cheering for Syracuse, Cam. One does not simply walk into Mordor and start rooting for the orcs. STAY STRONG. No matter what they try to do to you.