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Help Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Syracuse Send Kids To The Dome

Remember how great that was? Do it again...
Remember how great that was? Do it again...

Saw this over at and just wanted to share in case anyone here wanted to be a part of a very worthwhile donation. As you know, the sooner we lock kids into being Syracuse fans, no matter how cruel that might sound, the better...

Some of the parents of players on the SU football team have organized a charitable drive to purchase season tickets for SU football for the 2012 season for local kids who are a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Syracuse. Without this initiative, many of these kids might not have the opportunity to attend a Syracuse football game. Making a donation will help disadvantaged kids, help fill the Dome and maybe make some of the kids Syracuse fans for life.

If you want to be part of this, here are the details:

The cost is $99 to underwrite a season ticket. If you have the means, you can certainly buy more than one. If $99 is a little too much for your budget, you can partially underwrite the cost of a ticket. Donations of any amount will gladly be accepted. Your donation will be fully tax deductible.

If you want to participate, note that the deadline for making a contribution is July 11th. To make a contribution, you should call the Carrier Dome Box office at (888) 336-3849 extension 0, and tell them you want to make a donation to the SU football season ticket fund for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Syracuse, organized by the parents of SU football players. Thanks in advance for any support you can provide for this excellent cause.


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