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James Southerland: Syracuse's Silent But Deadly Assassin

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch The 'Cuse Awards and there's a lot to like there. Couple thoughts...

Are all of those montages going up on YouTube? Because they should. Because they're awesome. Let's go, SU Athletics.

Juli Boeheim is an attractive lady.

The Gary Gait Drug PSA never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever gets old.

There was one bit in particular that caught my attention. A group of SU athletes from various teams were called up to play a kind-of match game where each teammate tried to guess what the other teammate's answers to questions about themselves would be.

We found out a lot of interesting things and lots of inside jokes that none of us got. However, there was one thing we found out that was the best thing to find out ever.

Brandon Reese, in full-on 70's gear, was partnered up with James Southerland. Reese was asked what the one secret James had that he is certain no one else on the team knew about him.

Reese's response?

"He thinks it's a secret, but I know all these guys will say the same thing. He farts all over the basketball court."

To which James held up a sign confirming that, yes, he does...


Guard him at your own risk.