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Dion Waiters: 'The Sauce, The Noodles, The Meats'


Dion Waiters is blogging again over at Dion, wow me with an opening that hooks me from the get-go and leaves me no choice but keep reading...

I’ve just been working out this week. Nothing really different this week, just the same routine. Same thing.


My number one favorite food to eat is spaghetti. Like I told you guys before, I put sugar on there too. I like it all mixed together – the sauce, the noodles, the meats.

I smell an endorsement deal. "This is Dion Waiters for Ragu Spaghetti Sauce. I just love it all. The Sauce! The Noodles! The Meats! Ragu Pasta Sauce...stay humble and hungry, kids!"

By the way, if there was any lingering doubt as to whether or not Dion was Italian, his usage of "sauce" and "noodles" confirms that it is in fact a "no."

Back in Philly, before I stopped eating all the crazy foods like the cheesesteaks and everything like that, there was this one food from Ishkabibble’s Philly Cheese Steak.

Oh, don't get us started on Syracuse guys from Philly and their cheesesteaks.

Once I get drafted, I’m most looking forward to playing against LeBron, D-Wade, Kobe, all of the best players, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tony Parker. All of those guys.

BREAKING: The Heat, Lakers, Clippers, Nets and Spurs will not draft Dion. Confirmed here.

They used to call me Kobe Wade at Syracuse.

HUMBLE and hungry.

Mookie Jones called me that.

In his mind, he was Dwyane Bryant.

[Allen Iverson is] one of the greats of all time. He probably won’t ever get back in the NBA because of his history and things that he kinda ruined, but if he keeps working, anything is possible.

"things that he kinda ruined?" Like, relationships? His knees?

Honestly, it doesn’t really worry me where I get drafted because I’m the type of person that wherever I go, I’ll just try my best and try my hardest and work hard...As long as we do it together though, as long as nobody is worrying about individual stats and things like that, that’s when the organization is great.

Fair enough.

I talked to Kris Joseph recently, but I haven’t really talked to anyone else from Syracuse that’s gonna be in the draft.

So, Fab and...Fab?