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Hubert Davis Is North Carolina's Go-To Guy, Coming To The Dome Soon Enough

A Go-To Guy.
A Go-To Guy.

The universe is really stepping up to provide the Syracuse Orange with plenty of wonderful subplots to pre-populate our impending arrival in the ACC.

Michael Gbinjie's transfer gives the Syracuse - Duke rivalry an instant jolt.

Our recent series against NC State gave us Mark Gottfried's infamous "popping off" charge against Jim Boeheim.

We beat West Virginia by 26 and Clemson lost to West Virginia by 37 so technically we beat Clemson by 63 points last season. Remind them of that.

We've played Wake Forest a bunch of times recently in that's...something.

And now, Hubert Davis, he of the nightly concerns that Syracuse lacked a go-to guy this past season, will be an assistant coach for the North Caroline Tar Heels starting next season.

I'm sure you will miss seeing him at halftime of Syracuse games repeating the same 14 words regardless of what actually happened.

That also means that, at some point in the next 2-3 years, Hubie will be in the Carrier Dome to meet all of us fine folks. Please tuck that news away in a safe place and remember it when the time comes. Feel free to purchase your cardboard and markers for signs now...