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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #39 Dom Anene

2011.10.01_SU-Ftbl_Vs_Rutgers_DTW (via <a href="">NewsHouse</a>)
2011.10.01_SU-Ftbl_Vs_Rutgers_DTW (via NewsHouse)

Because I'm more forgetful than Mike Lang in his statements (too soon?) I completely forgot that I had to churn out one of these. Sean said we're in the 30's so we'll bookend them today!

Name: Dom Anene

Number: 39

Position: Linebacker

Height: 6-1

Weight: 224

Year: Junior

Hometown: Redlands, CA

HS: Redlands

2011 Stats: Even though he never started, Anene was a solid contributor who played in all 12 games for the Orange. He picked up a handful of tackles and 1.5 sacks as well.

2012 Projections: Anene will continue to be the backup linebacker for the Orange, a very important role based on this team's injury history. More than likely, he will continue to play in games and pick up a tackle and sack here and there. Although, these are the kinds of players that have a random breakout game if the chips fall the right way. (Stony Brook will feel his wrath.)

How'd he get here: Dom was a walk on with his first year being 2010. Nice! Prior to last season, he was a defensive back.

What did Rivals/Scout say: Nada. Hence the walk-on status.

Money Quote: A confident man, this is what Anene said about his first game at linebacker against Rhode Island:

I played a solid game. I mean, I made a few mistakes we’ll go over in film, but it was nothing you can’t fix. I felt I gave good effort and had a lot of enthusiasm out there.

Links O' Wonder: Here's a nice pic of Anene in Spring Drills.

What does Marrone think? Might not be exactly about Anene, but when asked about the young linebacking core after the Rams game:

"We have a lot of young players playing well."

Well said.

Nugget O' Interest: Dom is double majoring in Econ and Engineering. You don't need to be a genius to realize he has no life.

Let's get a good look Atchya: Hmmm... no highlights for Anene.