Pretty solid 2012 SU football preview


It is featured on the front page of The article is much the way I would have written it. Acknowledges that we are largely a relevant team that has fallen on hard times, how Robinson decimated our program and marrone has not been able to bring us back quite as quickly as hoped. Makes some good points about the defense and teams ability to "make plays" overall. My big thing is how close we come to winning a few games that would drastically change the outcome (no I do not need to be reminded about the breaks we got last season) 2 years ago we should have pulled out the Louisville game at the end - we were up late, lost the lead, then didn't win it with a minute to go. Last year we were up on rutgers big early, squandered that and the a bailey overtime fumble sealed the loss. The writer asks what success is and I think it's about a game to game thing. It's about beating northwestern, being competitive with USC and Missouri, beating rutgers and uconn, being competitive with Louisville, cincy, and usf and at the end of the season finding 6 wins.