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Macky MacPherson Makes Rimington Trophy Spring Watch List

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The Rimington Trophy is awarded annually to the best center in college football. And since it's way too early to be making guesses about who's going to be up for the award this year, they've released one of those spring watch lists where they throw the names of 50 players on there and hope they stick.

Syracuse Orange center Macky MacPherson made the list!

All growns up, Macky makes the initial list for what I'm pretty sure is the first time. Most of his accolades have been academic in nature up until now (Member of 2010 Fall, 2011 Spring and 2011 Fall Athletic Director's Honor Roll, 2011 BIG EAST All-Academic Team selection) but it's nice to see that he gets consideration, even if half the centers playing FBS football are on there.

Unless I read it too quickly, Louisville and Pitt were the only other Big East schools to get a player on there.

Party at Macky's place tonight...