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Online Blogging Classes Available Anytime

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This post is sponsored by, well, me.

I had a lot of fun teaching my three online blogging classes last week. We had a bunch of folks taking Intro To Blogging for beginners, Blogging 2.0 for next-steppers and Sports Blogging 101 for those interested in writing about sports. Some folks took all three classes while others picked the one perfect for them. I hope everyone got something out of the classes and I look forward to checking out their blogs as they grow.

Now that the classes have been completed, that means the video recordings and slides are available for anyone who might have missed the classes. Anytime you want, you can view the video of each of the three blogging classes and read-along with the slides to get all the information you could possibly need to get your blog started or keep your blog growing.

Intro To Blogging - This class is for anyone who has ever wanted to start a blog but didn't know where to begin as well as the blogger who signed up for Wordpress, wrote their first post and then realized they didn't know where to go from there. The two-hour online course will hold your hand as we go over the basics of blogging (how to start a blog, how to name it, what to write about, tips for building traffic). Everything you need to get off the ground and get blogging.

Blogging 2.0 - Not only will this class build on what's discussed in the Intro class, but it will also provide critical info for those who want to really expand their community, their traffic, their search engine optimization and make a little money while doing it. If you've already gotten a blog off the ground but need help taking it to the next level, this class should be extremely helpful for you.

Sports Blogging 101 - As a sports blogger, I know that there are certainly rules, topics and tricks that apply only to us. Building a sports community is unlike anything else on the web and this class will be all about how a sports blog goes from a voice in the crowd to leading the discussion. If you're just starting a sports blog or want to learn some tips and tricks to make your current one even more popular, this is for you. If you're interested in signing up for any or all of the classes, you can do so below.

Each class is $50 and that's good for the class video and slides. Upon payment, you'll receive an email confirmation from me that includes a link to the webinar page where the classes will take place as well as an attachment with a PDF of the class slides, which you can keep. The video link will never go away either so save the classes to watch later on as well.

Class Options

Click here to get more information on the classes as well as more background on me.