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Happy Tim Higgins Retirement Day, Everybody

We know, Fab. We know.
We know, Fab. We know.

And you thought this was just going to be another Thursday. Via

Veteran college basketball referees Tim Higgins and Bob Donato will be retiring this summer, a Big East Conference source confirmed on Thursday.

Higgins and Donato were two of the most recognizable faces in the game among the stripe-wearing, whistle-blowing set. Higgins is the last official who has worked with the Big East every year since the conference's inception back in 1980.

I finally have a reason to try Tebowing.

Oh what a magical day indeed for the Syracuse Orange fans and fans of all Big East teams. I know, everyone thinks every referee is terrible. But with Higgins, you actually knew it was true!

Remember when Higgins and runnin' buddy Jim Burr literally just said 'f*** it" and walked off the court during a Big East Tournament game before it was over?

Remember when Higgins was a complete a-hole to a little kid in front of a national audience?

Remember the thousands of terrible calls me made against us or in our own favor? Of course you do. We should have started a blog about it years ago.


Seriously, look through all of the times Higgins was mentioned in a comment on TNIAAM. It's a treasure trove of hatred. The man even has his own gallery on for how much we despise his acumen.

Higgins takes Donato with him but Jim Burr remains. Consider yourself on notice, Burr. The end is nigh. And unfortunately, so is your next phantom blocking call.

Fare thee well, Higgins. You have no idea how happy we are to not see you in a pinstripe shirt ever again.

Actually, now that I think about it, I would imagine you know exactly how happy we are...