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Keep It Orange & Blue: Scoop Jardine Works Out For The Knicks

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Is it me or has everyone worked themselves up into a lather over the possibility of Scoop Jardine getting drafted by the New York Knicks?

Scoop was invited for a workout yesterday, which is awesome. But it was just that. A workout. The Knicks invited other players (I assume people know this but there were eight other guys there). And they will invite others, as well as attend combines and other player practices as they decide what to do with their No. 48 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

I love the idea that Scoop is getting love from an NBA team considering how overshadowed he's been by Dion Waiters, Fab Melo and Kris Joseph on the draft boards. He's the Ringo of this Syracuse Fab Four.

Here's the thing. The Knicks might decide to bring Scoop in for summer league. They might extend him a free agent contract and see if he can fill a need for their bench.

But the Knicks aren't going to draft Scoop. No way. That's leaving way too much potential on the board. Scoop's not getting drafted by anyone else and I'm guessing he'd take an offer from the Knicks over any other team, save for his hometown Sixers.

I'm not trying to poo-poo this (well...), but, you know, perspective, you guys.

Scoop talked about the workout in a video here. By the way, is it me or has Scoop lost a lot of weight since the end of the season? His face looks slightly gaunt to me.

Here's what Scoop had to say about the possibility of playing with Carmelo Anthony in NY.

"I mean, it would be the easiest job in America," said Jardine through a smile, "throw a pass to Melo and get out the way! It would be a dream come true, actually going to Syracuse, he was one of the reasons (why I went), so to actually play along side him would be a dream come true, an opportunity to show what I can do, because I'm with one of the best players in the world."

Actually, I'm pretty sure "throw a pass to Melo and get out the way" is what got the Knicks in this mess in the first place. Also, don't show that quote to Amare.

Scoop also spoke about what it was like to stay at SU for five years.

Going to Syracuse, I knew I wasn't a one-and-done, I knew it was going to be a process, and if I got through it I'd be in a great position and have a great opportunity to play somewhere, and I think that's what I've done. I grew up at Syracuse, went through some ups and downs, and I think that's what shaped me into the person I am today and that's going to help me in the real world. I've got two degrees and I have an opportunity to play the game I love to play and get paid for it."