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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man: #40 - Zach McCarrell

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We're continuing with the Orange Man count down! Today, it's.....

Name: Zach McCarrell

Number: 40

Position: Linebacker

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 188 lbs

Hometown: Orlando, FL

High School: Lake Highland

2011 Stats: Played in 4 games in 2011 - mostly on special teams - didn't accumulate stats.

2012 Projections: Looking at the depth chart, it looks like McCarrell's most likely route to the field will once again be through special teams.

How'd he get here? Zach, or Zachary as his mother wants us to call him, was an All Central Florida player his senior year. That final high school year McCarrell had five interceptions and 108 tackles playing safety. McCarrell also registered 1,080 rushing and scored 10 touchdowns that same season as running back.

The kid from Central Florida actually thought he was going to end up at Northwestern or possibly Colorado State (who initially offered McCarrell a scholarship), but when he got no Midwestern love, McCarrell decided to walk-on at Syracuse.

What did Scout/Rivals say? Scout didn't have much to say, but Rivals went with 2 stars for McCarrell. Which isn't too shabby, since, to seem more 'footbally' than Scout, one star for Rivals actually equates to 15 for Scout.

Money Quote: During his senior year at Lake Highland, McCarrell told the Orlando Sentinel he plays football one way and one way only, all out:

"I'm not sure how to slow down. I've been getting cuts and scrapes since I was a kid. My teammates give their all, so I'm going to do the same."

Team player, thy name is Zach McCarrell. Or maybe he's the worst team player, going balls out too much in meaningless practices and hurting everyone.

Links of Wonder: Last fall McCarrell was among the many walking wounded for Marrone's Orange. He suffered a hamstring injury, which limited his practices.

Also, that article with the Orlando Sentinel is worth linking again too. McCarrell's style of all-out play at a younger age may have cost him a chance at getting a scholarship at a higher level school.

What does Marrone think? He's probably thinking Facebook will become another internet bust after going public last week. Marrone is thrifty and prudent when it comes to investing. Plus, he hates this whole 'World Wide Web' fad.

Nugget O'Intrest: Lake Highland produced NFL free agent, and Super Bowl winner with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Max Starks.

Let's get a good look Atchya: I seem to write this about all the walk-ons, but McCarrell can play. Of course, it's a highlight video and nobody puts bad plays on those (Besides my high school hoops coach, who in our season ending video tape my senior year actually highlighted a free throw attempt of mine. That was a fine kick in the gut.), but McCarrell shows he has a natural feel for the game of football. (Or the exact opposite. What the hell do I know?)