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The Conference Realignment Bar: Where Everyone Knows Syracuse's Name

TALLAHASSEE, FL - An overinflated sense of self worth for a football fan in Florida? No way, I just can't believe it.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
TALLAHASSEE, FL - An overinflated sense of self worth for a football fan in Florida? No way, I just can't believe it. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Belly up to the bar all you college football fans, let's get drunk on realignment in college football! The nonstop mind-melting fun discussions on who's going where makes for a great night at the bar, well it at least makes for 'a' night at the bar, right?

First round is on me and while we're waiting, the Big East is inviting... oh hell, I don't even know what schools are, or will be, apart of that damn league. Seriously, did you guys see that Navy is coming in soon? Meh.

I'm done with trying to keep up with it, anyone up for some pitchers?

It's not even just the Big East, there's the Atlantic Coast Conference, which could see Florida State jump ship to the supposed greener grasses of the Big 12. That would set of a chain reaction of events that could reshape that conference too.

I mean wasn't the summer of 2010 when all of this was supposed to happen? I think that homeless dude out front was drinking moonshine, hold on, I'll be right back.

Yes, I know Syracuse is, at some point sooner than later, doing their own jumping of ship to that very ACC. So, if that league loses the 'powerhouse' Seminoles, does that mean doom for Syracuse? Will the Orange athletic programs become the Screech of college sports? Not good enough for the cool kids (the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, or Pac-12) and shun by the nerds (whatever is left of the Big East)

(By the way, what the hell is up with Lisa Turtle lately?)

So why I am not worried? Well, for one, at this point I'm blacking out and all I want is to eat frozen Hot Pockets and find a place to sleep. Secondly, Syracuse isn't in the driver's seat when it comes to this greed truck in college athletics, but they at least have a seat in the very back!

1. I don't think Florida State is going to go anywhere - Much like the old ladies in the back of the bar that you just know drive Harleys. Yes, the administration and coaching staff in one form or another has hinted money issues may force their hand when it comes to looking at other conferences. But truth is, if FSU is losing money now, in a league that is still very much catered to them, why would things be better in Texas' Big 12?

Think about it in the simplest form possible, it may mean a few more million dollars a year with the Big 12's television deal, but I would bet travel, and other expenses, would offset a lot of any potential revenue gain. FSU changed the game when it joined the ACC and they know it. For all the money talk, FSU is a product that needs to stand alone to make money. How do you stand alone? Start winning again....

1A. Florida State Isn't That Good - Calm down 'Noles fans, we don't need to 'step outside.' I'm not taking a shot at you or your program. Well, scratch that, I guess I am taking a shot at your program, but let me buy you a Pabst to make up for it. Cool?

Let's face it, you kicked Bobby Bowden out for the genius Jimbo Fisher (genius and Jimbo are totally synonymous by the way.)'re still waiting for something good. The program declined a long time ago and until things are officially 'back' in Tallahassee, they probably don't want to try stabilizing in a new environment.

2. The Big 12 - SEC Bowl Game of the Future is the freakin' Cotton Bowl - Late last week word got out that the two power conferences were agreeing to a bowl game that would pit the winners of both conferences against each other, similar to the Rose Bowl's deal with the Big 10 and Pac-12. The catch? That game would only happen if both teams didn't make the BCS or the new BCS playoffs.

Look back at the BCS game's history. No seriously, do it, I'll wait. The SEC and Big 12 are a collective 10-6 since the BCS' inception (Yes, the Big 12 only has one of those victories.). You know what this 'new' bowl game will be just about every year? Conference runner ups playing a fun, competitive game, that will be JUST LIKE THE COTTON BOWL.

This agreement, although smart and proving just how little control the NCAA has over its football product, is actually worthless in reshaping college football. It is, however, bringing the night down like someone putting power ballads or Metallica on loop on the juke box. Let's just move on.

3. Four Conferences Already Rule College Football - I think every Syracuse fan's biggest worry is leaving the Big East with a perfect 10, only to wake up with...the Big East.

If FSU leaves, then maybe Clemson, then won't stop until Syracuse is kicking off against Rutgers in an ACC game, right? Well, I already gave you that FSU won't leave, but I'll go further. The ACC is essentially the Big East now anyway.

The two conferences have identical 1-2 records in the BCS title game. Its been over a decade since either conference actually held the Nokia, Best Buy, Coors Silver Bullet Trophy (I may be off on the name.). In fact, Florida State is the only team to appear in The Big Game for the ACC, while Miami and Virgina Tech, no longer with the conference, are the only two to appear for the Big East.

I couldn't be more excited for a 'college football playoff,' but even then, isn't it likely we'll see two or three teams from either the SEC or Big 12 and one from the Pac-12 or Big 10? Even if FSU stays put, the college football playoff will be designed to get as many SEC teams as possible. And rightfully so, its been the best conference over the last decade plus.

So, if for some crazy reason Florida State does leave, the ACC will do what it has to and stay afloat. It won't get washed away, the Big East probably will, but the ACC should end up fine. Which means SU will leave the bar with a 6 or 7 and wake up with no worse than a 5. Which leads me to:

4. Syracuse Isn't A Title Contender Anyway - Listen, bro, I love you, alright? You know that, right? I freakin' love you, and it's not just 'cause I'm totally wasted. But...

I've written and talked about this for years. Syracuse is at-best probably a 10-win program. That's best case. Worst case? Syracuse should be a 5 or 6 win team. And an average year, a good year for fans, rests somewhere around 8 wins. Eight wins a national champion contender does not make.

This discussion of playoffs, and power plays by big schools, and the possible re-re-remaking of college football's landscape really doesn't matter to Syracuse. The Orange just needs to find a home. I think the ACC is a good move and I think it will stay put. But if things change, someone will hand SU an ore and bring them in from the water.

In the end, I like to the think of college football like the hoops' NCAA tournament. 65 teams are thrilled to be apart of it, but only about 8 teams have true plans of cutting down the nets. With the BCS, about 60 teams are thrilled to be apart of it (collecting money), with about 8 to 10 programs with legit shots at the title.

SU is destined to be that 'happy to be there' team that occasionally makes a run like George Mason, albeit probably not to the BCS title game, but rather the Orange Bowl. Syracuse is one of college football's many designated drivers; invited to be apart of things, like a crazy night out or to collect BCS revenue, but not cool enough to actually be apart of things, like playing for the title. Not the greatest future, but at least it's secure.

Now, excuse me, but I need a microwave and a bed, or at least a flat surface....