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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #48 Carl Cutler

Here ya go with another Syracuse Orange football player. If you don't know this series or the point of this, you're either new (Hi there, welcome to the most awesome Syracuse blog EVER) or live under the same rock Marinatto lived under for the last decade.

Name: Carl Wright Cutler IV

Number: #43

Position: Fullback

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250

Year: Senior

Hometown: Norwich, VT (I am still looking for the Cutler estate in England he must be in line to inherit.)

High School: Hanover (NH) HS

2011 Stats: For the second straight year, Cutler could not catch a break with his knee. He missed all of 2010 with a left knee injury and missed last season with a knee injury (you can tell when the athletic department put the Shroud of Shadows over the medical news).

2012 Projection: With the loss of Adam Harris to concussions, this would be Cutler's year to shine and become they starting fullback. Unfortunately, he too was on the injury list that included half of the Orange for Spring Practice. No news on how severe the injury is, but if it is enough to make him miss his third straight year, then this guy is officially the unluckiest athlete I've ever shared a city with.

How'd He Get Here? A tough nosed played from Rhode Island, Cutler was also considering Boston College and UConn before choosing the Orange. Syracuse was the early favorite and Greg Robinson offered him the scholarship to play for the Orange.

Scouts/Rivals: Two Stars, but that was as an undersized tight end. Marrone has and will probably use Cutler as a blocker/backfield safety net option rather than true tight end.

Money Quote: On his role during 2010 and what he wanted to do in 2011 due to knee injuries:

I was on the sideline. I was there helping as much as I could. As an older player I was able to bring along some of the younger players, and be there with advice

What Does Marrone Think? From the earlier link above, Marrone called Cutler's injury "devastating."

Nugget O'Intrest: With all of his injuries, I'm sure he has done with in his Health Science classes relating to knees. Way to take living your major to a new level.

Links Of Wonder: Want to know how long it's been since Cutler last took the field? Here is a picture of Cutler snagging a TD...from Greg Paulus.

Let's Get a Good Look Atchya! Highlights of course:

Carl Cutler Senior highlights (via cwhammer)