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Doug Marrone: Ashton Broyld Presents 'A Good Problem'

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Syracuse Orange football coach Doug Marrone sat down with ESPN's Andrea Adelson for a quick-hit Q&A and, before we even get to the good stuff, let's call attention to the multiple uses of standpoint that we've all come to love and expect.

[Ashton Broyld is] an outstanding athlete. In my time there, I haven’t had many players who have possessed that type of talent level. From that standpoint he’s going through his first spring.

We’re hoping with some of the changes we’ve made that we’re able to open it up and do some things where we have from a percentage standpoint the ability to make bigger plays per play.

I feel like the week can finally begin.

The first part of the interview revolves around wunderkind Ashton Broyld and just how he'll be used in the offense. Marrone is his usual coy self, but he notes that the opportunity to work in Broyld as a QB/RB/WR/Whatever presents "a good problem, not a bad problem."

And how that the team's collapse last season after starting 5-2?

I think obviously we’re all disappointed, being in a good position, at 5-2 and not being able to turn that around and creating more wins always leaves a bad taste not only for coaches and fans and administrators but players and everyone involved in the program...We have to do a better job, starting with me. Responding to that adversity and being able to move forward.

Go check out the rest of the chat here.