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Get To Know Your OrangeMan - #55 Rob Trudo

Last year we counted down every SU football player from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1), as you can see here. Well both of those guys (and a few more in between) are gone and it's time to profile the entire 2012 Syracuse Orange football roster starting with the highest number and working out way down. Let's get to it...

Name: Rob Trudo

Number: 55

Position: Center/Guard

Height: 6'3

Weight: 300 lbs

Hometown: Farrell, PA just an hour or so away from me.

High School: Farrell

2011 Stats: Rob didn't play in any games his freshman year and missed the Spring Game with the infamous "Lower Body Injury."

2012 Projections: I was able to chat with Rob a few days ago and he said that his goal will be to continue to work hard as a backup on the interior of the line. Trudo can play both center and guard so it will be up to Marrone to determine where he will fit in on the depth chart come the fall.

How'd he get here? Rob played at Ferrell high school and I saw him first hand in the District 10 playoffs as his Steelers dominated my high school (I worked on the football team, great job) on both the offensive and defensive line. He was given offers from West Virginia, Cincinatti, BC and Cuse before choosing Syracuse because he "Liked our coaches better" for their pro experience. Plus "South Campus' apartments were a plus."

What did Scout/Rivals say? Rivals gave him 2 stars, Scout and ESPN both gave him 3 stars.

Money Quote: On his "lower body injury" at this point in time:

The injury feels great now! It's not 100% yet but it is strong enough to get back in the game and do a lot of thing I was unable to do before.

Links of Wonder: There is a reason Trudo won Class President. Maybe he can run for Syracuse District Attorney and save us all...

What does Marrone think? Knew I forgot to ask Rob something...

Nugget O'Intrest: Trudo is the kind of player Marrone wants on his team. President of Farrell's National Honor Society and his class, Rob said that he's most proud of "just being a positive influence on the kids in Farrell. A lot of kids get lost in the shuffle and need to see that you can be successful out of a town like Farrell."

Let's get a good look Atchya: Here are his high school highlights (the 23 second mark is against my alma mater)

Robert Trudo - The Boss (via SoTrillaEntertainmen)