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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #92 Riley Dixon

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Last year we counted down every SU football player from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1), as you can see here. Well both of those guys (and a few more in between) are gone and it's time to profile the entire 2012 Syracuse Orange football roster starting with the highest number and working out way down. Let's get to it...

Player: Riley Dixon

Number: #92

Position: Kicker/Punter

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 202

Hometown: Blossvale, NY

High School: Christian Brothers Academy

2011 Stats: DNP

2012 Projections: The punting job is likely Jonathan Fisher's to lose but Marrone isn't above making big changes in the kicking game. Shane Raupers is gone so Riley is probably option No. 2. In the Spring Game, they combined to average 43.8 yards per punt (though Riley had a 55-yard beaut).

If Fisher struggles, expect to see the fiery red mane of Dixon emerge. A walk-on kicker stepping on the field isn't exactly a shock for SU, we've been doing it for years (Just ask Ryan Lichtenstein).

How'd He Get Here: Dixon was a local guy from CBA, whom we have a fairly cozy relationship with. He was named to the 2010 All-CNY Team and the Class AA 3rd-Team. So when Syracuse went into the 2011 season with an untested scholarship punter and a walk-on who had formerly quit the team, they figured it couldn't hurt to bring in Dixon as well to spice things up. And to be fair, he made a run of it.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?: Nothing, hence the walk-on status.

Money Quote: "As iron sharpens iron, men sharpen men." It's from his Twitterfeed and I doubt he said it but it's the best I got.

Links Of Wonder: Scroll down to see Riley's photo as member of the 2010 All-CNY Team. He seems very excited.

What Does Marrone Think?: Here's a photo of Marrone staring at his stopwatch while Riley's keister is planted on the ground right in front of him. I feel like it's a metaphor.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Riley will likely never kick field goals or extra points for Syracuse so it's shame to know that his final field goal attempt in the Dome was an absolute heart-breaker.

Let Us Get A Good Look At You: Alas, no video I can find. Just have to wait until the Stony Brook game...