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Dion Waiters Appreciates The Way You Watched Him Get A Pedicure


Former Syracuse Orange guard Dion Waiters is entering the 2012 NBA Draft. But before he hears his name called and gets ready to spend the next three years in Minnesota, he's keeping a draft diary over at Dime Magazine's website.

Let's delve in...

I think at the next level, the NBA is based off pick-n-rolls, and I’m trying to really sharpen that up even more then I already got it. I’m trying to master that because at the next level, that’s what this league is all about… and playing defense of course.

Pick-n-rolls and defense. If only LeBron knew...

With this season for Syracuse, I did what I could for the team, and as an individual, I had a good season myself.


It felt good to be loved and knowing that every day or every time you’re on the court, you will find a kid in Syracuse who watches you out there chasing your dream. So like I said, I’m really rich when it comes to the Dome with 30,000 fans. On even a regular game, you’re going to have 25,000 fans. The support is crazy along with everything else. That’s what made my decision harder though. That’s why I took longer to decide what I was going to do.

Took longer? Scoop took longer to decide he was leaving and he had no choice...

When I would go to the mall in ‘Cuse and get a pedicure or something, get my feet done, people would be walking by just staring at you, taking pictures. It would be awkward a little bit but at the end of the day, it was all love.

I have a feeling they would have been staring and taking pictures whether you were famous or not.

It actually didn’t even snow a lot this year up there. That was so surprising. Last year we got so much snow. But this year, we barely got any. There wasn’t really anyone on the team that couldn’t stand the snow.

Syracuse Basketball is snowproof, y'all.

I also held a charity roller skating party back at my old school last Friday where everyone could chill, come out and enjoy themselves and try to give back to the community. It was to benefit my old elementary school, Stanton Elementary, and we’ll donate close to $9,000. Skating is one of my hobbies, so I did it to have everybody come together and just enjoy it and have a good night.

This is just my favorite paragraph. That is all.

Where I’m from, that’s all we really did is play ball and then skate.

Dion Waiters' life is a Lil' Bow Wow movie.

They have a skating rink out here where I’m training at in Vegas so there’s been good skating out here sometimes.

Dion is seriously on this skating thing, you guys.

But it doesn’t really matter to me where I play. Whoever picks me at the end of the day, I’ll be happy wherever. I would like some nice weather though. I like nice weather.

Read: Miami

It’d be good if Philly drafted me to play in front of my home crowd.

But you just said...

I think Philly is a different breed from every other city… just the toughness…

Says they guy who roller-skated his way through life.

Dion will be doing this weekly and so will we... (And if you have a photo of Dion getting a pedicure and haven't shared it with the's the time).