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The Weekly Syracuse Orange #Videobag: SU Football, Future Of Lacrosse, Eating Moon Cheese

If the moon were made of cheese, would you eat it?
If the moon were made of cheese, would you eat it?

Apologies for the delay of the most recent Videobag. As you know, things came up. As such, I had to cut out a few questions about the NFL Draft and Syracuse's lacrosse game against Notre Dame since both of those things already happened.

However, you guys sent in plenty of questions to cover everything else. Check out the questions asked and then watch the video for my astute answers. And if you want to ask a Videobag question of your own for next week, leave it in the comments or tweet it to me with the #Videobag hashtag.

  1. Your thoughts on the extremely way too early preseason rankings for SU basketball next year?
  2. How much infrastructure will be needed to bring Syracuse football back to prominence, on par with the best in the ACC?
  3. Why didn't I order your book earlier?
  4. What's our likeliness of getting Isaiah Whitehead?
  5. 2nd down and six yards to go from your own 44-yard line, halfway through the first quarter, no or pass?
  6. Do you see Beckett Wales emerging as the 3rd passing option behind Marcus Sales and Alec Lemon?
  7. When will Doc Gross get credit for the success of all the women's teams?
  8. Does the current difficulty experienced by Orange lacrosse represent a temporary downturn or something more serious?
  9. If the Syracuse offense is going to take a step forward, who is the playmaker that will get them there?
  10. If the moon was made of cheese, would you eat it?
  11. Will the New Orleans Saints finally take down Outside The Lines for their shoddy reporting?
  12. Why can't Syracuse recruit a good face-off guy?