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NCAA Football Relegation: Syracuse Fares As Well As You Suspect

Doug Marrone could have been a CAA legends...
Doug Marrone could have been a CAA legends...

Over at, it's been Relegation Week. It's been a lot of fun looking into the possibility of relegation in NCAA football like they do in so many soccer leagues around the world

Of course, you take the good with the bad when it comes to an idea like that. And when your football program has seen more losing seasons than winning ones in recent years, you worry about where you might end up in the standings. Those Greg Robinson years really start to get put in perspective.

Bill Connelly took a stab at actually looking at what NCAA football might have looked like since 2005 if there was relegation and it's a fun read. Beginning in 2005, the Syracuse Orange find themselves in the Tier II Big East, which is understandable. Where did we go from there?

2006: Remain in Tier 2 Big East

2007: Relegated to Tier 3 CAA

2008: Remain in Tier 3 CAA

2009: Remain in Tier 3 CAA

2010: Promoted to Tier 2 Big East

2011: Remain in Tier 2 Big East

It's also fun to note that by the time you get to 2012, James Madison and New Hampshire are part of the Big East, which, I suppose, isn't actually that far off.