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ACC Makes Changes To Basketball Tournament, Conference Football Schedule


The ACC spring meetings are in effect right now. When everyone isn't in a fake non-panic about Florida State, they're getting some stuff done so that by the time the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers show up, we can just slide into place.

On the football side, the league has decided to alternate by division how many home and away conference games each school will have.

"Swofford: ACC 9 game ACC schedule when Pitt/SU join; Atlantic will have 5 home games in odd yrs; Coastal 5 home games in even yrs"

If Syracuse joins the ACC in 2013, they'll have five ACC home games, four ACC away games, an away game against Northwestern and a game against Penn State at MetLife Stadium. They'll want to fill in that final game with a home game against a patsy, methinks.

Over on the basketball side, the conference decided to invite all 14 schools to the ACC Tournament and expand play to start on Wednesday and run through Sunday. Not a surprising move though I think the idea of keeping it at 12 teams and watching the bottom of the standings turn into a late-season scramble has value.

Commish John Swofford also added that "sooner than later is preferable" when it comes to SU & Pitt joining the conference, though he admits it's up to the Big East. He also added that 16-team expansion is not on the "frontburner," which just means Notre Dame still isn't taking their calls.