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Mike Lang Asked Bernie Fine To Make Sons Syracuse Ball Boys In 2010, According To Lawsuit

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Here's the most interesting nuggets hidden in Laurie Fine's defamation lawsuit against ESPN...

  • "Lang asked Bernie in 2009 or 2010 to allow Lang’s sons to serve as ball boys for the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team, thereby allowing them to follow in their father’s footsteps. Lang further asked Bernie to show his sons the locker room, introduce them to the players, and otherwise give them the same experience he, Lang, had as a child."
  • Mike Lang attended Bernie Fine’s 60th birthday party in 2006, and as recently as 2010, used Bernie’s personal tickets to attend Syracuse Orange Basketball home games.
  • None of the men identified by Bobby Davis in 2003 as being molested by Bernie, including Mike Lang, corroborated his accusations.
  • "Schwarz obsessed over Davis’ story. His obsession is apparent during his December 1, 2011 interview with Deitsch: "I would have taken a run at [Davis’ story] every month of my career between 2003 and 2011 if I could have been pulled off other events and other coverage. If someone said you can either do this story, or you can do 100 NBA championship events or 17 World Series, which would you do, I would do this story and let other people cover the World Series."
  • In 2003, ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz spied on Laurie Fine, shooting a hidden camera video of her without her knowledge.
  • "Although Davis had finally outgrown his story, Schwarz kept calling Davis, pressuring him until November 2011, at which time the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal broke."
  • Mike Lang was suffering "severe financial hardship" when he changed his story.
  • Mark Schwarz put Zach Tomaselli in touch with Bobby Davis first and not the police. Despite knowing that Bobby Davis did not find Tomaselli credible, he still leaked Tomaselli’s story to The Post-Standard.