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Laurie Fine Lawsuit Tells Different Story About Bobby Davis

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Since the whole Bernie Fine allegations broke, we've heard Bobby Davis' side of the story in full. That he was taken in by Bernie and Laurie, that they helped raise him and they eventually took advantage of him, sexually-abusing him and then cutting him off.

Since Bernie and Laurie went into hiding, there wasn't anyone there to give their side of the story. Explain why Bobby Davis spent so much time in their house as a child and whether or not the claims were true.

The lawsuit that Laurie Fine released today tells that story. This isn't to say that her side is true, but for all the time we've spent hearing one side of the story, it's only fair to hear the other...

In a nutshell, the basics are the same. Davis was a troubled kid, the Fines took him into their home and helped raise him. At times when he was disobedient, Bernie would scold him privately. The Fines helped Davis get into college and play basketball professionally in Europe. At that point, Davis became dependent on their support and began to take advantage of them. He would trick the Fines into giving him money and eventually they cut him off. Davis began fabricating stories that Bernie molested him. Upset that they were unable to "save" him, the Fines tried to keep helping him but Davis was too far gone, eventually taking his accusations to the Post-Standard and ESPN, both of them could not verify them.

And so, there you go. The other side of the story is officially out there.