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2012-2013 NCAA Men's Hoop Championship Odds: Syracuse Gets 20-1

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We're a long ways away from the 2012-2013 college basketball season, but that's no reason why we should get all worked up over arbitrary ratings meant for gamblers.

Bovada has released their odds on who will win the 2012-2013 Men's NCAA Basketball Championship. Indiana is their favorite (chortle) with 7-1 odds, followed closely by Louisville (8-1) and Kentucky (10-1).

The Syracuse Orange clock in at 20-1 odds, which they share with Michigan, NC State and Ohio State. If you're using these odds to rank the teams, the Orange are in the No. 9 - No. 12 range overall.

Other Big East schools on the list include St. John's (30-1), Georgetown (40-1), Pitt (40-1), Cincinnati (50-1), Notre Dame (50-1), West Virginia (50-1), Marquette (60-1), Villanova (65-1), Seton Hall (100-1) and USF (100-1). Sorry, UConn.

Take these as you like. A whole lot can change in either direction between now and the start of the season. Still, would you jump on those odds right now? My guess is that they're gonna go down once everyone realizes they're underestimating the talent on this team.