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Laurie Fine Press Conference LiveThread

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Here we go.

Laurie Fine and her lawyer will hold a press conference this morning at 11am ET in Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY.

Why, exactly? We're still not sure, though it's been made clear the location has some relevance. Not even the people who run the Castle are sure what it is.

"We're a little reluctant - but, we're going to let it fly."

Word on the street is that Laurie is going to announce her plans to sue ESPN and possibly the Post-Standard, undoubtedly for their handling of the taped phone calls and the speculation her role in the allegations against Bernie Fine. No word on whether or not she's going to be taking any action against Bobby Davis, Mike Lang or even Bernie, or hell, Jim Boeheim either. But can you rule anything out at this moment?

If this lawsuit goes where we think it's going, we might be looking at a situation where former Syracuse Orange basketball players are being deposed about their relationships with Laurie and/or Bernie. And you thought the ugly stuff was behind us? will be live-streaming the presser so go watch there.

Leave your comments below. Keep an eye out for the Belhurst ghost and pray the reason the press conference is being held there has nothing to do with the fact that its "one of the most romantic places in New York State."