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Syracuse Has No Plans To Sue Big East, But Never Say Never

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Like I said the other day when Pitt filed a lawsuit against the Big East meant to ensure they can leave the conference for the ACC in 2013, I appreciate the way the Syracuse Orange have handled themselves publicly since deciding to leave as well.

Say what you will of our decision to leave, but SU has been fairly upfront and mature about the whole thing in the face of a lot of sour grapes and easy chances to make unwanted noise.

I was reminded of that this week when FSU went Defcon Hissyfit in their quest to film Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money and join the Big 12. You didn't hear us crying. Syracuse just shut up and did it. #TheRightWayToPlayTheGame

You might be wondering, however, whether or not Syracuse is going to join the Pitt Panthers in their lawsuity ways. And the answer now.

Though Pittsburgh filed a lawsuit against the Big East last Friday to leave for the Atlantic Coast Conference early, Syracuse does not currently intend to follow the same plan of action.

"We've been trying to resolve the issue of conference transition with the Big East," SU Athletic Director Daryl Gross said in a statement. "We'd like to avoid litigation, but we're keeping all of our options open."

Smart money still says a deal will be reached for both schools to leave the conference after the season. There's just no reason to keep us around other than to be a jerk about it and I think the Big East's best interests at this point are served by looking forward and protecting the membership they have right now. Why worry about SU and Pitt when you've got to hold to Louisville, UConn and Rutgers for dear life?

Anyway, we'll see. As we've learned in the last seven months, you take nothing for granted in conference realignment.