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The Laurie Fine Announcement Is Going To Be...Something

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The announcement that Laurie Fine is going to be holding some kind of press conference on Wednesday is sending shockwaves of dread through every Syracuse Orange fan right now.

What is it about? Is she going on the offensive? Is she going to discuss the phone call and the allegations? Is she going to drop a bombshell? About Bernie? About Boeheim?

Here's what we know. The press conference will be taking place 11am ET at Belhurst Castle in Geneva, which is a strange place to hold a press conference. Why? Because it's "One of the Most Romantic Places in New York State."

And given the salacious details of these allegations, that should terrify you.

Out of the way, Purdue fans, Syracuse fans are coming over.

CNYCentral's Michael Benny spoke with Laurie Fine's attorney and the details he provides are helpful, yet ominous.

Michael Benny asked Fisher if Laurie Fine will be filing a lawsuit on Wednesday. Fisher said, "I leave it for you to deduce why she hired an attorney?" Fisher was vague when asked about the location for Wednesday's announcement, saying it will be made clear when Laurie Fine breaks her silence. Benny pointed out to Fisher that Belhurst Castle is considered by many to be haunted. Fisher responded, "How appropriate given the nature of this case." As for when Fine hired Fisher, and why she chose an out of state attorney, Fisher would only say that he was retained by Fine "a few months ago."

There are ghosts involved? There are ghosts involved...