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Laurie Fine To Make Announcement, Syracuse Fans Nervously Look Around At One Another

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If there's one thing I've learned covering this whole sordid Bernie Fine affair, it's that just when you think it's all over, someone comes along to smack you across the face for even thinking that.

Now that Bobby Davis and Mike Lang's defamation lawsuit against Jim Boeheim has been tossed, it's time for one of the two people who were, you know, actually involved in the allegations. Laurie Fine, wife of Bernie, speaker on recorded phone calls and alleged Syracuse basketball player philanderer is going to speak publicly for the first time in months and she's going to do it this week.

Laurie Fine plans to make an announcement this week about what her lawyer calls "the scandalous lies" spread by the men who accused her husband of molesting them as children.

Lawrence H. Fisher, a Pittsburgh lawyer, sent an email to reporters this afternoon saying he and Fine will hold a news conference Wednesday morning at a hotel in Ontario County.

"We have been retained to assist her in speaking out against the false accusations and scandalous lies spread by" Bobby Davis and others, Fisher's email said.

Because I had to look it up, Ontario County is located in Western New York, somewhere between Syracuse and Buffalo. Just in case you were wondering. I guess Geneva is the biggest town there?

Alright, here are my thoughts...

  • So Laurie has hired her own independent council and this press conference has nothing to do with Bernie? I guess we know how that's going then...
  • If she is going it alone, does that mean the floodgates are open about their relationship, Fine's relationship with Davis and every other detail we dare not speak of but might be spoken of Wednesday? I'm afraid to ask...
  • She's going to categorically deny everything that Davis and Lang, but specifically Davis, have said. No surprise there. But can she provide some kind of proof/new evidence to dispel some or all of it?
  • Is she going to sue Davis and Lang for defamation? Cause that would be...something.
  • Her lawyer, Fisher, is a Pennsylvania-based lawyer. His bio says he's only admitted to practice law in PA an not NY. So...what's that mean? (Apparently it's cool under pro hac vice).
  • The phone call recording. I mean, she's gotta explain that, right? RIGHT???
  • The "sleeping with players" rumors. I mean, she's gotta explain that, right? RIGHT???
  • A have a lot of questions but there's one thing I do know, Syracuse fans. Nothing good will come from this.