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The Great American 'Cuse Cake-Off: Cupcakes, Cookies & Pies Bracket

It's finally here. The Great American 'Cuse Cake-Off kicks off today with the "Cupcakes, Cookies & Pies" bracket.

Below are the entries that don't come in cake-form but instead take advantage of the various other ways one can over-indulge dessert in an orange and blue-themed way.

I'll provide pictures of the entries below and then you vote on your favorite. The winner will move on to the Final Four where it will face-off against the winners of the other brackets. Then, we'll vote on the No. 1 Syracuse Orange-themed cake/dessert of all time and crown our tasty champion.

Just so you know we've got something to play for, the winning entry will receive Joe Glisson's new book, "No Place Like Dome!!," which I've provided a mini-review of here...

And now, on to the entries for the 'Cupcakes, Cookies & Pies' bracket.

First up is this SU Cupcake-Cake courtesy of birthday boy Brad S.


From Chris, here's a giant Cuse Cookie-Cake Thing...


From Josh A., here's an Otto Cupcake-Cake...


sieg44 submits these SU-themed Rice Krispie Treats.


Vicki S. made her very own Otto Cupcake-Cake as well...


So there you have it. Go vote for your winner today to see who moves on to the Final Four...