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Pitt Sues Big East In Order To Join ACC In 2013, Syracuse Raises Eyebrows


Excuse me for getting on my high horse for a moment, but the one thing I've appreciate about the way DOC Gross and Syracuse University have handled the Big East-to-ACC move, it's the way they've kept their mouth shut and acted like adults unlike just about everyone else involved.

They made a tough business decision that they knew would upset a lot of people but did it anyway in the best interest of their University.

They took (and continue to take) their lumps for it in the media and from snippy comments by former Big East commissioners.

They didn't make public statements complaining about the Big East's refusal to let us leave before the 27-month waiting period. We might not agree with the pouty way others have reacted but we've never picked a fight or taken the bait.

They didn't make a spectacle of themselves and try to force the Big East to deal with them in the public form (Hi West Virginia).

And DOC Gross, the one person who probably could have popped-off at any point, never has. He's always spoken highly of the Big East and its brass and never made a demeaning comment about anyone involved.

All of that said, did you hear Pitt is suing the Big East?

Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette initially reported on Friday that the Pittsburgh Panthers would file a lawsuit and intend to sue their current conference, the Big East. Later on Friday, Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports revealed that the nature of the lawsuit is to ensure that Pitt would be able to join the ACC conference by July of 2013.

Let's see where this goes...

P.S. both Syracuse and Pitt basketball coaches are expected to be in attendance at ACC meetings next week. They will not attend Big East meetings.

P.S.S. - Either DOC Gross is just deciding to think long-term and put his head down until we can finally enter the ACC or he's the smartest guy in the room, letting everyone else look like the a-hole while SU comes out shrugging its shoulders and smiling.

P.S.S.S. - Here's some more specifics about the lawsuit. Basically the same tactic West Virginia went with. "Lost revenue, broken promises, let us out."

The University of Pittsburgh filed suit against The Big East Conference in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas this afternoon for allowing two opponents -- 2011 Rose Bowl winner Texas Christian University and 2012 Orange Bowl winner West Virginia University -- to withdraw early and without penalty from the conference. Conference officials' decision, the complaint states, has cost the University of Pittsburgh lost ticket sales, buyout fees and game fees for two valuable home football games those opponents scheduled, then abandoned, leaving Pitt scrambling to find replacements at additional cost.