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Syracuse Daily Links - Art Monk Suing NFL, Conference Rumors Heat Up


The art of Otto | NewsHouse | Syracuse University and Community News - S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
Professional artist and Syracuse sports fan Michael Borkowski has applied his own original look to the school's popular mascot.

3-point shot: Closing transfer loopholes - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Incoming NCAA tournament selection committee chair Mike Bobinski said that 2013 East Regional sites were discussed Thursday in Indianapolis, and that a decision is due in two weeks. Syracuse and Brooklyn, N.Y., appear to be the favorites. The initial four candidates also included New York City (Madison Square Garden) and Newark, N.J. MSG is booked. Newark hasn’t been eliminated yet.

Jim Boeheim slander suit fate could hinge on ruling for radio host Bob Lonsberry |
A recent ruling in an unrelated case might help guide a judge deciding a slander suit against Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

Boise State might be reconsidering move to Big East - NCAA Football - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and BCS Rankings
An industry source told that Mountain West representatives met with Boise State officials earlier this week to persuade the Broncos to remain in the MWC. Adding to that possibility is that the Broncos still haven't formally notified the Mountain West they are withdrawing from the league.

The Bud and Brent Show: Should college football be banned? Will the Syracuse lacrosse team make the Final Four? |
Should college football be banned? Can it be made safer? Was Cole Hamels doing the right thing when he beaned Washington Nationals rookie phenom Bryce Harper? How can Hamels talk about "old school" when he's only been in the league since 2006? And how far can the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team advance in the NCAA Tournament?

Syracuse University lacrosse midfielder Bobby Eilers flips his switch and gives team a charge |
"I didn’t even know I was going to be playing offensive middie that game," Eilers recalled. "I went out there and I remember (assistant) Coach (Lelan) Rogers yelling from the sideline ‘Go hard, be the man,’ so I went down there and shot it. It just gave me a big boost of confidence."

Will the ACC's new television deal cause Florida State to bolt to the Big 12? |
Florida State needs to make whatever move it can to secure its long-term financial future. Whether that is a move to the Big XII, the SEC, or leveraging a potential move to gain concessions from the ACC, I can't be sure. What I am sure of, however, is that FSU is going to struggle to compete with neighbors Florida and Georgia if SEC schools are earning roughly $100 million more than the Seminoles over a ten-year span. And that may be a conservative number.

Hall of Fame receiver Art Monk latest to sue NFL - Washington Times
"Lets not have any more players hurt by this," Tom Girardi, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney, told The Washington Times in a phone interview Thursday. "What the [expletive] does it take? This game has to change dramatically or you’re going to have this situation over and and over."

Syracuse Orange Basketball - Syracuse, Once Again, Waits On Decision From High Profile Prospect
So hold your breath Orange fans. It's time to do that thing again. Wait for a teenager to lift your spirits, or punch you in the gut. It is true one prospect doesn't make or break a program, but agonizing over recruits is the reality of college athletics in today's world.

Orange Watch: Syracuse leaving behind dysfunctional Big East | The Juice Online
It’s going to be a melancholy farewell tour of the Big East circuit covering Orange athletics for 2012-13.

Syracuse University Athletics - Between the Lines
"We knew what we had to do." That refrain in some form or another, though mostly exactly that, was heard from every Orange player asked to speak on the subject this week. The situation was simple, win the Big East Tournament or miss the NCAA Tournament for only the second time in three decades. So that Orange did what they had to do, and won the Big East Tourney by an average of eight and a half goals per game.

Former Syracuse WR Lavar Lobdell on player safety, changes to the SU offense, and the NFL futures of exiting Orange |
"I can remember back to my senior year playing in the state championship in the (Carrier) Dome. Right before halftime, Bruce Williams got knocked out. He was out cold for a few minutes. Two players that we played with had multiple concussions along the way. A good friend of mine, Mike Stenclik, who played linebacker with us up on the hill had, unfortunately, quite a few concussions while he played with us. There were so many guys who were plagued by this over their careers. I was fortunate not to have one."

Check out this interview with "arguably the best running back to ever come out of Akron," Prince-Tyson Gulley.