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Quinta Funderburk 'Has Not Made Any Final Decision' Yet

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This morning we discovered that four-star wide receiver Quinta Funderburk, who asked out of his scholarship with the Arkansas Razorbacks last week, was apparently looking at a very short list of schools that includes the Syracuse Orange.

Nolan Weidner checked in with Funderburk's high school coach Richard Morgan to get any details and, as you probably guessed, there's no official news.

"There is nothing official to say. He has not made any final decision," Richard Morgan, head coach at Oscar Smith High School in Chesapeake, Va., said today.

Funderburk plans to come home soon and ponder his future, Morgan said. "He just has to see what the best fit is for him."

WR coach Rob Moore has been cited as a major reason Syracuse would be at the top of his list. However, there's another one as well. Current Orange corner Jaston George was Funderburk's teammates at Oscar Smith High School.

Complicating matters for us is the news that Funderburk's high school quarterback, Phillip Sims, transferred from Alabama to Virginia last week. It may come down to which teammate he wants to spend the rest of his college career with most.