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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orangeman - #68 Nick Robinson

Yep, it's that time again. Last year we counted down every SU football player from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1), as you can see here. Well both of those guys (and a few more in between) are gone and it's time to profile the entire 2012 Syracuse Orange football roster starting with the highest number and working out way down. Let's get to it...

Name: Nick Robinson

Position: Listed as Tackle, but starting the season as backup left guard.

Height: 6-6

Weight: 295

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY

High School: C.W. Baker

2011 Stats: None

2012 Projections: Did you see the height and weight stats above? There is no way a guy that big is going to sit on the bench his entire time at SU. Currently, Robinson is the backup left guard and will no doubt be competing with Rob Trudo for backup time once healthy. However, I am sure that Robinson will show up at some point this season seeing that the offensive line is never 100% healthy all the way through.

How'd he get here? A local player with strong academics and leadership, Marrone couldn't lose out on Robinson. He offered Robinson a scholarship after Nick received offeres from Buffalo, Western Michigan, and Tulane.

Scout/Rivals said... Two stars all around for Robinson.

Money Quote: On why he chose Syracuse over Tulane: "It's where my heart is."

Links O'Wonder: Ashton Broyld and Robinson could've played together on the same New York all-star team...Unfortunately Robinson caught mono and had to miss his final game as a high school football player.

What Does Marrone think? For being an offensive line coach, Marrone doesn't talk about them too much. Robinson wasn't one of the exceptions.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Robinson was voted the best local player in the CNY region when he became the first offensive linemen to receive the Post Standard's CNY Player of the Year Award. He also racked up a couple of Honor Athlete of the Week awards as well.

Let us get a good look atchya: More highlights!!

Nicholas Robinson (Recruiting Video) (via NCSAfootball)