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Syracuse Eyeing New York Prospect Package Deal

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The last time the Syracuse Orange basketball team snagged a package deal, it worked out pretty well. Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson enrolled at SU after playing together in high school in Philadelphia (I'm surprised you didn't know that...) and became legitimate stars for SU.

So why not give it a whirl on the football side?

Orange Fizz spoke with highly sought-after DE Ebenezer Ogundeko recently and the Brooklyn recruit confirmed that he and fellow Brooklyn-ite, Augustus Edwards, are going to be a package deal for whoever wants them.

"Me and him, our personalities are the same and we are pretty cool people. We look forward to seeing each other, and doing damage on the field for the next four or five years."

They're both pretty cool people? SIGN THEM UP NOW. I need no other information (By the way...Ebenezer and Augustus? That's a first name combo for the ages...).

In case you're wondering, yes, Syracuse has offers out to both players. And in case you're also wondering, so do Rutgers, UConn, Pitt, Temple, Purdue and Vanderbilt, so, it's not like we're super-savvy here.

Ogundeko also has offers from just about every premiere school in the nation and any one of them could throw Edwards a courtesy-schollie at any moment just to lock him up.

The good news for SU is that the two are already very chummy with incoming SU recruit Wayne Morgan and the trio all visited the campus together, having "the time of their lives."

If Doug Marrone is serious about locking down the state of New York, this is the kind of twofer that could cement that status.