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Is Former Arkansas WR Quinta Funderburk Looking To Transfer To Syracuse?

This scalp could be ours...
This scalp could be ours...

On May 2nd, wide receiver Quinta Funderburk was granted a scholarship release by the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Virginia native enrolled at Arkansas in 2011 and soon after showcased the finest hairdo this side of Nerlens Noel.

One of the top receivers in the nation and a four-star prospect, Funderburk chose Arkansas over offers from some of the top football programs in the nation...and the Syracuse Orange. Catching 64 passes for 1,412 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior in high school will do that. His final list was Arkansas, Michigan, Florida and West Virginia.

After missing practice last year due to some kind of emotional issues, the freshman was redshirted. He entered this season No.3 in the Razorbacks depth chart at one of the wide receiver spots. And last week, possible related to the Bobby Petrino business, he decided to leave Arkansas.

So that's all well and good and usually Syracuse fans wouldn't even take notice. But then there's this little nugget from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Matt Jones:

A source indicated Funderburk, a Roanoke, Va. native, plans to transfer to Syracuse.

Then there's this note from

Rival coaches consider Syracuse, with 12-year pro Rob Moore as its wide-receivers coach, as a threat for Funderburk.

The 6'4" receiver did indeed get his Syracuse offer directly from Rob Moore and maybe the impending move to the ACC tipped things our way since his initial decision. Not only will we be in a better position conference-wise but we'll be making at least one trip to Virginia every year, not to mention trips to all of the surrounding states as well.

Syracuse will have lost both Marcus Sales and Alec Lemon heading into next season. If Funderburk did transfer to SU and sat out this year, he'd have a great chance to make good on that potential next year.

In the meantime, we wait and see, wondering what could be...