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C.J. Fair: 'I Want The Student Section To...Wear Headbands'

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Syracuse Orange star C.J. Fair stopped by the SU student talk show Hold The Pulp to talk about life, love, headbands and basketball. Mostly the last two (Interview starts at 12:50).


C.J. really does look naked without the headband. I don't know if its some kind of mental trick or what.

C.J.'s a good guy but I'm taking him out of the running to replace Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph on The Scoop & Kris Show. The Pizzazz Factor just isn't there. Bless him, I'm not even sure he wasn't held there by gunpoint. He did warm up as things went along, though.

"I want the student section to either wear headbands or get their own copy of the customized UnFair shirt. That's all I need from the fans. I'll feel the love." While I would prefer the headband approach (by the entire Dome), here's the UnFair shirt in question...


Get it if you can, it's apparently a collector's item now.

"I love Dunkin Donuts...the twist ones." Do our basketball players ever eat anything good for them? Between the Chipotle obsession, the candid photos of fast food bags in hand and now this I swear a Syracuse basketball player has never eaten fruit before.