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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #94 Daniel Anyaeqbunam

When we don't have a player photo, we revert to Douglas Abernathy Marrone.
When we don't have a player photo, we revert to Douglas Abernathy Marrone.

Yep, it's that time again. Last year we counted down every SU football player from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1), as you can see here. Well both of those guys (and a few more in between) are gone and it's time to profile the entire 2012 Syracuse Orange football roster starting with the highest number and working out way down. Let's get to it...

Player: Daniel Anyaeqbunam

Position: Defensive Tackle

Year: Junior

Height: 6-3

Weight: 288

Hometown: Schenectady, NY

High School: Albany Academy

2011 Stats: None (Was his first season on the team as a walk on/secret agent)

2012 Projections: In order to kept his mission hidden from the world, Coach Marrone will likely comply with Anyaegbunam's handlers and keep him off the field this year. Syracuse has saved us all the trouble by limiting his bio to just 21 words. Very clever Anyaegbunam....

How he got here: Dan managed to get a hold of his potential itinerary last year. As long as the secret service isn't too busy in Colombia (had to) I assume he has a secret jet hidden in South Campus for transport. Or the South Campus bus.

Recruiting Services: For football? Unknown. For other things? Classified.

Money Quote: "The name is Anyaegbunam. Daniel Anyaegbunam." (Presumed line at all secret agent functions).

Links of Wonder: Daniel is good. No visible Facebook or Twitter. Dan's profile of last year seems to be the most publicity he's attracted in some time. This seems to be the only picture out there of Anyaegbunam actually playing football.

What does Marrone think? Whatever he is supposed to think when you have an international man of mystery of your defensive front.

Nugget O'Intrest: Besides that whole Harvard thing, Dan uncovered and his psychology degree in the making from SU, Anyaegbunam doesn't even have a pronunciation guide out on the good old internet.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: Once again noth...AH HA! Not even Anyaegbunam can elude my internet searching skills (guess that's what my mom and dad want to hear with an IT degree in the works...) Anyways, turns out Daniel had an acting career while down in Georgia that he forgo to become a walk on for Doug Marrone's Orange. Maybe we found the next star of random Cuse themed YouTube parody?