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Punch A Syracuse Fan, Lose Your Business

To be fair, I guess I could understand it if this was the punchee.
To be fair, I guess I could understand it if this was the punchee.

Hey ACC fans, just a heads up for the future. If Syracuse Orange fans enter your drinking establishment with the expressed purpose of cheering for said Orange on one of your TVs, do not ask us to leave and certainly do not assault us.

You will lose your business.

City Licensing Director Patricia Malone told the owners of the Point on Hanover Street near Faneuil Hall Marketplace that she's considering lifting their entertainment license because of an incident last month in which a bar manager allegedly punched out a Syracuse University fan - after three other incidents involving the same manager, at least one also involving him punching a patron.


According to police reports, the trouble started when the bar managed told some boisterious Syracuse fans - in town for the NCAA tourney - to settle down. They didn't, and 45 minutes later, he kicked them out. He then went outside, punched one of the fans in the face, went into the bar, came out and punched him again. The manager allegedly told police he was acting in self defense, that he went outside when he noticed the garrulous group menacing a doorman and that one of them went after him.

This happened in Boston? Shocking!!!

H/T: Jeff. E.