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Syracuse Fans, May Your Eggs & Charoset Be Orange

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I'm not saying that your Easter Eggs and Passover Charoset should be orange to begin with. Good God, if that's the cause, THROW THEM OUT. Something is wrong!

I'm just saying there's nothing a little orange food dye can't fix.

Easter and Passover kick off the party this weekend and I'm guessing that many of you will be celebrating one or the other, or if you grew up spoiled like me, both. That's right, I got an Easter basket AND got to dip parsley in salt water and eat it. Who's crying now?

In case you missed it last year, here's my Very Syracuse Passover Sedar guide. If you're a gentile going to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house for your first Passover, make sure you read up so all of that crazy food in the center of the table doesn't frighten your pants off.

Go, celebrate, and meet me back here on Monday to share all your candy and leftover matzo. We've divvy it up fairly, I promise.