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What If Larry King Tweeted About Syracuse?

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ANAHEIM CA - JULY 13:  TV personality Larry King during the 81st MLB All-Star Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 13 2010 in Anaheim California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
ANAHEIM CA - JULY 13: TV personality Larry King during the 81st MLB All-Star Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 13 2010 in Anaheim California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hello, Sheboygan Wisconsin!

If you could have heard me say that you would have been floored at how spot on my Larry King impression is. Seriously, I can type-sound like anyone!

Actually, for a man that's somewhere around 112 years old, King is amazing. A self-made star, King does and says just about anything he wants and always gets away with it. If you don't already, follow him on Twitter now and thank me later.

Anyway, King's old USA Today column, radio days, and famous Twitter feed got me thinking; What if Larry King Tweeted about SU? Probably a pretty interesting scenario, right?

Well, I'm not creative enough to try to write like him, so I figured I'll do the next best thing. I'll rip off King's style for a 'What If Larry King Tweeted About Syracuse?' column (look, he said the name of the column in the column - Drink!) . Actually, the ripped off Larry King Column is probably better known than King's actual column.

Most, not all, fake tweets will be Syracuse-ish related.

Here goes:

(Pretty interesting tease, no?)

(In true Twitter fashion, the following will be limited to 140 characters, unless it goes longer because I wanted to.)

....I have no issue with Coach Cal recruiting 'One-And-Done' kids at UK. The people that complain all wish their school hadn't missed out on that talent.

....Back in the day, I thought Mike Edwards was a certain one and done on the Hill. What a shame.

....Speaking of the NCAA tourney, can't we find better on air 'talent' than Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller?

....Barkley and Miller are great on NBA and God awful on college. At one point, Reggie actually started breaking down Syracuse's 2-1-2 zone!!

....Another thing I hated: three-man booth. Kerr, Kellogg and Jim Nantz is overkill. Just give me a two-man booth. Or Vin Scully.

....I'll say this, trapped on an island, I want a fridge and cheese. Lots of cheese.

....Imagine the media ripping a womens player like they crush Anthony Davis' unibrow?

....But seriously, pluck away Tony!

....College basketball officials: Please stop killing the game. Understand what a foul is and what a foul isn't.

....Tony Danza+One Shining Moment=gold!

....It started with a whissppperrr....but what happened next? I'll never know.

....I'm glad the pre-preseason hoops rankings have SU somewhere around No. 15. It will be nice to sneak up on the rest of the pack. Right, Carmelo?

....Greg Couch must have an axe to grind with Boeheim because the coach didn't recruit him.

....Where have you gone J.B. Reafsnyder?

....I know everyone's talking about him, but Nerlens Noel scares me. He may be something of Wilt mixed with Russell (at least on the court), but Pete Thamel's New York Times column (Everybody Wants a Piece Of Nerlens Noel) has my OJ Mayo Radar going bonkers. Noel would obviously make SU a legit contender, but at what cost?

....DaJuan Coleman = beast! Kid from Jamesville-Dewitt may be raw, but he at least looks the part. Not often said of big time low post kids.

....Doug Marrone's going all Def-Con 5! The pressure may be getting to him. You know the crazy thing? His seat isn't hot, it's not even lukewarm.

....Dougie is one hell of a coach, that Pinstripe Bowl won't be forgotten this soon. Imagine that sentence 10 years ago?

....Ruby Tuesday's Baja Chicken Quesadilla may be the best culinary creation, ever.

....Trust in Dr. Daryl Gross: Home games are sooooo yesterday's news. Neutral is the new home.

....I for one will think CNBC's Darren Rovell is the next Walter Cronkite. If only he had a platform to espouse his cause.

....Looking ahead to next year, I like Stony Brook. Look out USC, LSU, and Alabama!

.....SU lax will find out its real fans this season. Then, next year the bandwagon will fill back up.

....I know you don't care, but I love baseball. Still, I'm excited for the NHL playoffs to start. How's Atlanta looking?

I've got to stop this, my always running inner monologue is starting to get a little horse type-sounding like Larry King. Anyway, until next time America! Wait, that's Maury Povich's sign off.....that Connie Chung....I'll tell you what....