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Syracuse Basketball: DaJuan Coleman Named 2012 All-CNY Player Of The Year


While we fret over the recruit who may or may not join our squad, we can't forget to appreciate the ones who have already joined the fray (but not The Fray...yikes on the anthem, you guys).

Syracuse Orange incoming freshman DaJuan Coleman has not only been named to the Post-Standard 2012 All-CNY Boys Basketball team, but he's also been named Player of the Year. The Orange-to-be averaged 21.5 points and 14.1 rebounds per game for Jamesville-DeWitt this season. That is a lot of both of those things.

Also, he's a friggin' huge dude (look at this photo with the rest of the All-CNY team).

Watch DaJuan tear it up in the All-American Championship (what championship? What did they win?) along with fellow Syracuse recruit Jerami Grant and possible Syracuse recruit Nerlens Noel: