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Nerlens Noel To Make "A Hard Decision Y’all"


Nerlens Noel has a new blog entry up at and, naturally, we need to nitpick the crap out of it to try and find hidden clues buried deep within his prose.

It's The Nerlens Code and only we can solve it (since Kentucky fans can't read and Georgetown fans are distracted by Banana Republic coupons).

I just got back from New Orleans playing in the All-American Championships and had a ball. The game was fun, of course, just playing with all my boys, but we had even more fun hanging out in the city.

"My boys," eh? Does he mean everyone or specifically DaJuan Coleman and Jerami Grant. Probably the latter. I think so.

I literally got stopped hundreds of times and took dozens and dozens of pictures. The fans were showing me so much love out there, and I definitely have to say that most of the fans were from Kentucky.


I’m always just shocked at how dedicated Kentucky fans are. One man asked me if I wanted to take his wife home with me, ha ha.

Seriously, for a group of people from an area called The Bible Belt, they sure do offer up their wives for sex to strangers a lot.

I’d definitely say it makes me think about Kentucky more, and with them winning with all of those freshmen was very attractive. Just seeing that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can win a national title.


I wouldn’t say that all of that stuff gives Kentucky an advantage though. It’s just something I think about a lot.

Okay, whew!

With Syracuse, they’ve been on me the longest of the three schools on my list. That factors in heavy with me. That’s big for me.


With Georgetown, I would've been crazy not to really give them a look with all the history they’ve had with big men and the development that I could get there.

Well, like, 20 years ago, Nerls. But...sure.

I’ve heard the rumors about me making a decision already. That’s not true. Rumors are rumors, what can you do, but just know that I'm far from a decision no matter what you hear.

Like I always say, don’t believe things you don’t read from me right here in my blog. I definitely haven’t made up my mind yet.

If you don't read it on a bog, it isn't true.

I will say that one of the biggest factors in my decision will be who will be there on the team when I get there because my No. 1 goal is to win a national title.


I’m going to have something cool planned for how I announce on TV so definitely check that out too.

Orange, blue and gray birds living in his high-top, he pulls out the color-coded egg of the team he's going to play for.

This is going to be a hard decision y’all.

We'll be waiting...