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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #96 Jay Bromley


We're counting down every Syracuse Orange football player, one a day, from Macualey Hill (97) to Ashton Broyld (1).

Player: Jay Bromley

Number: 96

Position: Defensive Tackle

Year: Junior

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 280

Hometown: Jamaica, NY

High School: Flushing

2011 Stats: 18 Total Tackles (5.5 TFL), 1.5 sacks

2012 Projections: Bromley is likely to be one of many experienced players to take a big leap in 2012. Bromley played as a true freshmen and even started 10 games last season, showing good speed, though not exactly dominating. 2012 should be very different.

The junior had a safety 'sack' (Obviously, that's a sack in the end zone. A much cleaner way of saying that? Safety sack.), a forced fumble in the spring game, three tackles for loss, and, so I'm told, Bromley was getting into the backfield with ease throughout the game. Does that mean Bromley will be like one of the Jones' (Arthur, Chandler, or Bones)? Probably not, but I think it's a safe bet that Bromley will become something of an anchor for the Orange this season.

How'd He Get Here: Bromley was one of the early New York City-based recruits to commit to Marrone. Coming out of Flushing, Bromley was named to the New York Post All-City First Team (for which I bet the headline with the story was borderline vulgar). He was also named MVP of the Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge and Co-MVP of the Phil's Phalafel Stand Classic (only one of those is real). For his high school career, Bromley racked up 40 sacks and 300 total tackles.

What Did Rivals/Scout Say?: As Sean pointed out last year, Bromley wasn't exactly the most heavily sought-after high schooler. Still, Bromley's size and speed, and relative proximity to Syracuse, made him a target for the SU coaching staff.

Money Quote: "It really just brought us together if anything else, that showed out there on the field today. How close we are, how comfortable we are with each other on the field." That's Bromley's take on what closing off spring practice's to the media meant to the team. Although I don't really buy that banning Nolan Weidner from practice could really have an impact on the team, I do like Bromley's enthusiasm about closing the doors.

Links Of Wonder: How about Bromley talking about his strip sack of Charlie Loeb from the spring game?

What Does Doug Marone Think? Actually, I think what assistant coach John Anselmo said about his spring game team that included Bromley may sum up what coach Marrone was thinking too. As we all know (read online afterwards), the spring game was Team Anselmo v. Team (Rob) Moore. Here's what Anselmo told the Post Standard afterward:

'We split the teams up, but I got the better of the draw with the defensive line.'

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: In two seasons, Bromley has played in 24 of a possible 25 games. Bromley is experienced and should be ready to take over.

Let Us Get A Good Look At You: Let's go back to the Pinstripe Bowl where Bromley picked up a tackle and assisted on another, as the then-freshmen helped Syracuse win their first bowl game in 10 years. Plus, it's a chance to hear a weird highlight reel tune that sounds like a mesh of elevator musak and porn music. Enjoy!