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Syracuse In NFL: Who Went Where When & How?


The 2012 NFL Draft ended and two Syracuse Orange football players were selected. Chandler Jones went to the New England Patriots in the first round and Andrew Tiller went in the sixth round to the New Orleans Saints.

But what about the rest of the players coming out of SU this year who were looking for a home in the NFL? Let's find out...

There's a lot of conflicting reports out there so it's hard to tell what's official. Two Syracuse players show up on the official list of Undrafted Free Agents, so let's start with them.

Safety Phil Thomas, who was thought by some to hear his name called during the draft, was very briefly a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the team reportedly cut him almost immediately (awkward) and now he'll be entering camp for the Washington Redskins. Maybe. It's still not clear which team he's going to... (Update: According to Schefter, he's still an Eagle but word on the street is that they will be releasing him due to some kind of injury).

Meanwhile, tight end Nick Provo helps the Baltimore Ravens maintain their quota of bringing in a new Syracuse player every season by signing with them. Art Jones and Jameel McClain will be pleased.

Provo will apparently be joined by Dorian Graham in Baltimore, though he's not on their official list just yet. The speedster will likely get a shot at kick returns.

Antwon Bailey will get a chance to keep running the football for the Washington Redskins. RGIII and Bailey in the backfield?

Cornerback Kevyn Scott will get a shot courtesy of the Miami Dolphins, where he can follow in the footsteps of Will Allen (perhaps not all of them).

It looks like Michael Hay has signed a deal with the St. Louis Rams, meaning that two SU rookie offensive lineman will be in camp this summer. Feels like its been a while on that.

Finally, Van Chew may have possibly signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but nothing confirmed as of yet.

FYI, it looks like the Patriots are now your new favorite team (sorry). Jones will join Tony Fiammetta, Will Allen and Steve Gregory as a fearsome foursome of Syracuse grads in camp this preseason.

In looking at the list of SU players who performed at Pro Day who are still looking for a shot, they include Olando Fisher, Tombe Kose, Jose Cruz, Aaron Weaver and Rob Long.