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Derrick Coleman Talking To Larry Brown, SMU About Coaching Gig

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The Syracuse Orange are leaving the Big East but Derrick Coleman might be sticking around.

The SU legend has been in discussions with new SMU Mustangs head coach Larry Brown about coming aboard as an assistant coach.

"I’ve talked to him,’’ Coleman said. "I’m honored. It’s something I will entertain.’’

The NBA careers of Coleman and Brown crossed on two occasions; both in Philadelphia. Coleman played for Brown for two years while with the 76ers in 1998 and 1999. Coleman then left for Charlotte before returning to Philadelphia in 2001.

Brown has already hired two assistant coaches. Illinois State head coach Tim Jankovich will come on to be SMU’s coach-in-waiting. Brown has also apparently hired Houston assistant Ulric Maligi. So it remains unclear where Coleman, who has no college coaching experience and seemingly no connection to Texas, would fit in.

Coleman currently lives in Detroit though he made quite a few appearances at Syracuse basketball games this season.

Meanwhile, Brown, seemingly unaware that SMU is not a professional team, is busy "firing" players.