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Stay Cusey, San Diego: Syracuse vs. San Diego State Nov. 9 On USS Midway

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The Syracuse Orange did not play in the Carrier Classic this year, which seems weird since we used to host something called the Carrier Classic, not to be confused with the Carrier Classic held on an aircraft carrier.

While we won't play in the Carrier Classic this year, we will play basketball on an aircraft carrier, so, check that off your bucket list.

The Orange are set to take on the San Diego St. Aztecs on November 9th in San Diego in the Battle of the Midway on the USS Midway Museum, according to the San Diego Union Tribune:

The game is not to be confused with the Carrier Classic, which was played on the USS Carl Vinson last November between North Carolina and Michigan State.

But there is an aircraft carrier permanently based in San Diego, the 67-year-old USS Midway that became a floating museum on North Harbor Drive in 2004. Locally-based Syndicus Entertainment is partnering with the San Diego Sports Commission to stage the game there, along with several other events themed around Veterans Day weekend.

In a delicious twist, the Georgetown Hoyas were originally scheduled to play in this game, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues. The article says of the organizers' ability to wrangle Syracuse, "instead, they got an even bigger name." Teeheehee.

San Diego State is no slouch opponent to open the season with. The Aztecs finished the season ranked No. 22 with a 26-8 record, losing to N.C. State in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament.

For SU, this is part of kind of Westward Expansion as they'll follow up this trip to California with a trip to Hawaii for the 2013 Maui Invitational.

The Orange now have two non-conference games slated for the upcoming season, a game against Temple at Madison Square Garden and this one, meaning that we're playing two future Big East schools. Perhaps that's our strategy, to defeat and weaken all of the schools replacing us in the conference before we leave for the ACC. You're next, SMU.

All in all, pretty sweet idea and great trip opportunity for SU fans. San Diego's a great town and the Midway is located just off downtown. If you're looking for a trip to make in the upcoming season, this might be it.

Oh and I'm calling it right now. Someone, at some point, will say, "Other than a trip to San Diego, Syracuse hasn't left the state of New York..." BOOK IT.

Update: San Diego State just released an official statement, noting "Television arrangements for the game will be announced at a later date as will ticket information. Tickets for the game will be extremely limited and school allotments have yet to be determined." The release also refers to the game as being played on a neutral court. Sure...