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2012 Busted Mug Championship- A Victor is Crowned

BustedMugLogoWhat a finish.

The 2012 Busted Mug Championship couldn't have ended on a better note. It began with round after round of blowouts as the truly fugly were separated from the merely unattractive in decisive fashion. Even the few upsets weren't even close. And when the favorites advanced, they did so in impressive fashion.

The beauty of a bracket style tournament, though, is that the competition gets tougher. It truly becomes a battle of attrition. Survive and advance. Once you've proven your stuff, you have a chance against anybody and no one is really safe.

The BMC title contest was no different. It was a match up between two #1 seeds and it lived up to the billing. It was the closest 2012 BMC vote by far. The early results separated the contestants by only one vote and, at one point, Anthony Davis and Frank Kaminski were deadlocked at 22 tallies apiece. In the end, though, the #1 overall seed, Davis, prevailed by the slimmest of margins. The final tally: Kaminski- 26, Davis- 27.

TNIAAM was unable to catch up with the 2012 Busted Mug Champion because he was busy dodging gunfire as the Kentucky Wildcats celebrated their NCAA title. Below, though, if how I imagine the interview would have gone.


Name: Anthony Davis (1, Sam Cassell Region)

Team: C, Kentucky Wildcats

Championship Reaction:

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician: First of all, congratulations on your victory in the 2012 Busted Mug championship.

Anthony Davis: Thank you! First off I just wanna thank God for blessing me with these gifts. My mom for passing the 'brow on to me. And my orthodontist for being so utterly incompetent.

TNIAAM: What do you think was the key to your victory tonight?

AD: The whole tournament, I was really relying on intimidation. Eveyone knows what the 'brow can do, and it put a little bit of fear in them. Tonight, though, was a tough game. I had to break out the jacked up overbite to seal the deal. It was tough, but worth it.

TNIAAM: This was a close call. Was there ever a point where you doubted you'd come out on top?

AD: Nah, man. I mean, that ">Howdy Doody looking cat played me tough in the last round, so I was ready for this. I took an early lead, but even when it was tied, I trusted in my game and came out with a win.

TNIAAM: So what are your plans now?

AD: I dunno. I heard they were shooting up Lexington, so I think I'ma go check that out. I know everyone expects me to enter the NBA draft, but this feeling is so great. I think I might have to come back and defend my title.

TNIAAM: Congratulations again, Anthony.


Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Busted Mug winner: Mr. Anthony Davis.