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Orange Parenting: Housekeeping

Betsy's Otto cake, made for her daughter's second birthday. Amazing, but no swoosh.
Betsy's Otto cake, made for her daughter's second birthday. Amazing, but no swoosh.

Yeah, yeah. I'm a mom. You thought you were on a sports blog and would be safe from these housekeeping reminders, but here I am to remind you that there are loose ends to be tied up.

I'll start by referring back to my Otto Cupcakes birthday column, where I had great difficulty finding an acceptable Otto-shaped treat to serve to my guests. A few weeks later, I received an email from a new friend named Betsy, who is now our official Otto baker. Her creation is to the right, and I think you'll agree that she knows Otto better than any grocery store in Syracuse.

Even before then, I wrote twice about my own father and his fabulous Orange Parenting skills. I asked you all for help in proving some historical facts related to growing up as a Little Orange. Another new friend, Dave, and I both remembered being given light blue jackets to the last game at Archbold stadium, but couldn't find those memorable souvenirs on the videos from the game.

Dave outdid himself by finding a clipping from a newspaper in his man cave. It turns out that the coats were only given to children, who probably weren't rushing the field or climbing any goalposts. No question in my mind that this is authentic 1979.


My final housekeeping point is actually for the future. As you know, I may not be at my Orange Parenting prime this spring and summer during my upcoming chemo treatments. So we can work together and keep these weekly columns rockin'.

Did you grow up as a Little Orange? Did you have an original Orange Parent like I did? I know that we all love to hear the authentic, personal stories of what it used to be like to be a Syracuse fan. So you can email your story to sharicuse at gmail dot com. I'll read 'em and post them on the weeks that I'm not my usual witty, intelligent, and organized self (cough-cough).