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#140Cuse Wrap-Up: We Came, We "Ummm'd," We Made New Best Friends (Maybe)

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Right off the top: I want to thank Dean Liddy, Anthony Rotolo, David Rosen, Kelly Lux, Alyssa Henry, and the entirety of Syracuse's iSchool -- I'd name you all, but then my fingers would bleed and that makes for bad blogging technique -- for allowing us to participate in the 140 conference up at the university. I've done a lot of conferences in my day -- on boring things, mostly, like lecturing rich corporations on how to continue to stay rich corporations -- and the entirety of the #140Cuse conference (from the receptions to the actual events) was all first-rate. Excellent job all around.

Which reminds me: We hope that we didn't ruin things too much.

If you went to the conference then you already know: The event was a blast. Even though we knew we were essentially the Toy Department, it was still a load of fun. Following the co-founder of Reddit and a very nice lady that handles social media for a little outfit called "NASA" was a little awkward -- Here's the guy that helped change how Internet computing machine users get information! Here's a lady that helps people connect people with the great unknown! Now, here are three guys that send dozens of tweets about Fab Melo's choice in hair shaving accessories (a weed whacker, apparently)! -- but, yet, we managed not to totally embarrass ourselves and, we hope, enlightened you guys as to what's going through our heads when we put stuff into your melons. (The answer: very little.)

And Brent made the fancy digital transcription machine type out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at the end. So, yeah, the wisecracking didn't take a day off just because we were on a dais and, apparently, "experts."

Here's the debrief video that we shot after our 15 minutes of sitting on a couch and, from what I'm told, making at least one audience member hate my guts:

Did you catch that at the beginning? (No, not the fact that I'm chewing gum like a ruffian.) Well:



A few more items after the jump.

Bullet points!

  • We all missed Sean yesterday up on The Hill, but his absence was understandable. Stuff, as it is, happens.
  • A huge personal thank you to Brent and Jameson for going along with the adventure. You guys are good eggs, I tell ya.
  • It was nice running into some friendly old faces -- @OrangeTailgater, @Dan_Lyons76, @MikeBorkowski, @JPedde -- and some new friendly faces -- @acpregler, @JeremyRyan44, @KristySmorol, @OrangeChuck, @MattMulcahy, etc. (Again, I'd name everyone, but the whole finger-bleeding, end-of-blogging-days scenario.) I wish I could have hung around more and had longer conversations other than "Hi!" However, with college lacrosse going to 11 this week and real life work still existing, silly blogging stuff and selfish clients kept pulling me away. If I missed you this week, let's all meet again some time and become super best friends.
  • I think I speak for Brent and Jameson when I write this: All the tweets and encouragement from you guys yesterday gave us all big, goofy smiles. We couldn't respond to them all -- Tweeting at a Twitter conference tends to create a bit of a flush of Tweets, which almost made my head explode -- but we still love you guys to itty bitty pieces. As we mentioned during our discussion, while we're kind of the guys that end up typing it out on the Internet, everyone is a producer in our blogging and tweeting concerns. It's all one big web and it's you guys -- not necessarily us -- that create the communities and the conversation. That's what makes Syracuse's Twitter scene so much fun. So, thanks to you!