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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Battle Royale


And then there were two.

The 2012 Busted Mug Championship is nearly complete. Seventeen contestants have been whittled down to the final pair. The likes of Djibril Coulibaly, Darius Johnson-Odom and Darryl "Truck" Bryant have fallen by the wayside, their mugs proving to be not quite busted enough to achieve the ultimate prize. Some, like Mookie Jones, peformed as expected before falling to more gruesome grills. Others, like UNLV's Carlos Lopez, took a true Cinderella ride before the glass slipper inevitably shattered. All in all, the BMC has been a tournament worthy of the bracket it was built upon.

The Fugly Four featured three number one seeds and the unlikely Lopez as a fourth seed. Syracuse's Mookie Jones fell to Wisconsin's Frank Kaminski, who was able to avenge his Badgers' Sweet Sixteen loss to the Orange. Lopez was beaten out by #1 overall seed Anthony Davis, but saw his Cinderalla run end admirably in the closest vote yet in the entire BMC.

Davis. Kaminski. Two vile visages locked in battle for Busted Mug bragging rights. Both have proven themselves fugly. Only one can be named the most busted of all.


Name: Anthony Davis (1, Sam Cassell Region)

Team: C, Kentucky Wildcats

Path to Glory: The unibrow has reigned supreme. Like his Wildcats, Davis is the #1 overall seed and hasn't disapppointed. He's blown through play-in winner Mike Meyers Keitt, as well as Gilvydas Biruta in the second round. Howdy Doody doppleganger Carlos Lopez gave Davis a run for his money in the Fugly Four, but the 'brow would not be beaten. Davis was the overwhelming favorite to win the whole shebang when the BMC stared nearly a month ago. Will he fulfill that destiny, or crack under the pressure?



Name: Frank Kaminski (1, Greg Ostertag Region)

Team: F, Wisconsin Badgers

Path to Glory: Like Davis, Kaminski is a freshman big man who's ridden a messed up mug to the promised land. Unlike Davis, he's a little used reserve player who is unlikely to be a professional at all, much less the first overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Kaminski has stood up well in the BMC, though, breezing through Ryan Kelly, Khem Birch and Mookie Jones en route to a title game showdown. Despite winning in blowouts so far, Kaminski is the underdog now. He's as ugly as a Bo Ryan game plan. Will it be enough to unseat the presumtive champion?